Floor of the house is one of several constituent elements of the architecture of the building; its existence is absolute, essential so that will shape the identity and character of a home or building. Structurally generally composed of floor slab reinforcement (pedestal and field) and combined with concrete mix. Similar to other structural elements such as foundations, columns and beams, flooring generally constituent material is a reinforced concrete structure. The identity and character of a building, in this case is housing generally determined by the type of finishing material covering the floor.

In general floor covering vinyl plank material that is widely available in the market can be divided into two categories namely: a layer of natural floor coverings and floor coverings artificial lining. Solid wood (teak, lime, ironwood, etc.) and various rocks sourced from nature such as marble, granite and limestone is a type of natural floor coverings. Meanwhile, cement, ceramics, MDF, and vinyl plank flooring decorating ideas covering layer categorized as artificial.

Here we provide you pictures as your inspiration for decorating your floor concept of the house. We suggest this because probably this would be one of your considerations to have the high quality of material for your floor. Therefore, you can come to us, and we will appreciate for any kind comment in the description below of the article.