It's the little things.

It's the little things.

Simple, inexpensive things you can do to help the planet


Statement of Purpose

The last polar bearThe Earth’s climate is changing. Temperatures are increasing, ice packs are melting, global sea levels are rising, and it’s largely due to human activity.

This is not opinion anymore than it is opinion that the Earth revolves around the Sun. This is scientific consensus.

There are over 6.7 billion people alive today. At It’s the little things, we believe that if everyone who can makes small, inexpensive changes to their daily decisions, we can make a difference in the fight against global warming.

If you are reading this, chances are you consume more resources than the average human being, resulting in more carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. Because of this, you have both a unique opportunity and a unique responsibility to do something about this global problem.

You have an opportunity because, as someone who contributes more than the average person to the problem, you can make a bigger reduction in the causes. There is not much someone who spends her day harvesting rice by hand in rural Cambodia can do to stop climate change. As someone with a computer, a car, central heating, hot running water, a washer and dryer, there is much more you can do.

You also have a responsibility because, as human beings, we are all in this together. You may not live in one of the areas that is likely to be most affected by rising sea levels, for example, but the displacement of millions of people will have an effect on us all, no matter how high the ground we live on.

The time to act is now. Not everyone can act in ways that make a huge difference, but every single one of us can do some little things to help. If billions of people make small changes, it will add up. Be part of it.

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