It's the little things.

It's the little things.

Simple, inexpensive things you can do to help the planet



It’s the little things exists to share ideas for how we can all walk the Earth with a lighter footprint.

Each week we publish a new “little thing” (subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified automatically). You can rate the idea and discuss your level of commitment to it in the comments. It’s a simple idea, but one we hope is thought provoking.

We are not climate scientists, experts in energy production, nor makers of public policy. We are volunteers, a small group of web geeks trying to make the world a better place.

We are just concerned—probably a lot like you are—about the future of our planet. We want to make a difference and we invite you to join us.

For more about why we built It’s the little things see our Statement of Purpose.

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Andrew Hedges

AndrewAndrew came up with the idea for It’s the little things shortly after moving to New Zealand from the United States. He is a professional web developer and wanted to use his skills to help educate others so that his 2 young daughters might inherit a healthier world.

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Su Yin Khoo

Su YinSu Yin is a designer for Good magazine. She generously donated her talents to create a beautiful and inviting look for the site.

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Medhat & Sherif Gayed

SherifMedhatMedhat and Sherif Gayed are Auckland-based web developers. They contributed their technical knowledge to building and deploying the site.

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