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It's the little things.

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Soy latte18% of the world’s carbon dioxide is produced by cows. That’s more than cars, planes, and all other forms of transportation combined.

We’ve suggested before to eat less meat. Cutting out milk and cheese is a great next step towards reducing your carbon footprint.

The folks at AlterNet have compiled a great list of reasons (environmental and otherwise) to say boo to moo.

I can hear our French readers now, “La monde sans fromage? Quelle horreur!” And, certainly, our American readers are wondering how they’re going to manage without that bowl of Cheerios in the morning. It takes some getting used to, but soy and rice milk both make nice alternatives to cow juice for cereal. Soy cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and ice cream are pretty good as well. Especially the ice cream. Mmm, ice cream.

It’s important to note that soy is not a panacea. Do your homework to know which brands are environmentally responsible in the way they source their beans.

Like most things, cutting back is better than doing nothing. If nothing else, next time you’re at Starbucks, make it a soy latte.

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  1. Nicole Fougere on October 3, 2009

    Another yummy alternative is Almond milk! You can make it yourself with raw almonds or buy it in the supermarket (often on the UHT milk shelf). Again, same as with the soy it pays to know your brand and make sure they’re delivering it in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way..

  2. Su Yin on October 3, 2009

    While definitely nicer than cow’s milk, there seems to be some debate surrounding soy milk. It seems that even when you’re trying to do the right thing, it’s still not the right thing.

    Anyhow, I quite miss the soy milk hawkers back in Malaysia. In addition to refreshing ice-cold soy milk, they also sell Tofu Pudding. :D

  3. Andrew on October 3, 2009

    Su Yin,

    The article concludes pretty decisively, I thought: “Unpatriotic it may be, but on greenhouse gas and animal welfare grounds, soy milk is looking like the better choice.”

    Soy/rice milk costs a bit more, but to me it’s like cage free eggs. I just wouldn’t eat them if I weren’t buying cage free.

  4. iWew64gwz on March 11, 2016


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