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It's the little things.

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Chris Jordan's image of water bottlesWhy not? It’s usually just tap water, anyway.

Bottled water sucks. It’s expensive, the bottles contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and, seriously, it’s usually just filtered tap water.

Wrap your head around these statistics:

  • manufacturing and transporting that 1-kg bottle uses 6.74 kg of water
  • bottled water costs roughly 2,000 times more than tap water
  • 26,000,000,000 bottles of water are sold in the North America each year
  • 26,000,000,000 plastic bottles mean that it took 17,000,000 barrels of oil to produce, enough to power 100,000 automobiles for a year
  • 26,000,000,000 also means that at least 2,550,000 tons of carbon dioxide were emitted

By her own estimates, 1,456 of those bottles are consumed by Jennifer Aniston alone.

By the way, reusing the bottles probably ain’t the greatest idea, either.

So, get a (safely) reusable bottle and bottle that water yourself!

Photo credit: Chris Jordan

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